EMF Power employs professionally certified electricians in the North Shore and Chicago who are available 24 hours a day — offering your family convenience and unprecedented peace-of-mind. No job is too big or small for EMF Power.

Electronic Lighting

Residential lighting is arguably as important to a home’s aesthetics as any other design element. Changing the lighting in a particular room can often change the room’s entire ambiance. A homeowner can take control of their lighting’s appearance – and its efficiency – by using controls and dimmers that are a bit more advanced than a simple on-off switch.

Dimmers allow a homeowner to change the lighting on a sliding scale and adjust the lighting to fit the occasion. Electronic Lighting control systems give a homeowner the ability to manage the home’s lights around the clock, programming them to be off when they’re not needed and on when they are.

At EMF Power, we help Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners find the right lighting control systems for their homes. Our experienced technicians can recommend the most appropriate system and then customize it for the home. Contact us today for more information.

Code Violation Repair

Electrical codes change all the time. Unfortunately, homes don’t change with them. Many homeowners discover that their home isn’t up to code at inopportune times. They could discover it during a renovation or expansion project, when they’re already short on time and budget. Many code problems are discovered during home inspections. Although a sale may be imminent, it could be held up or possibly even derailed by problems with the home’s wiring.

Electrical code problems are especially common in older homes. While the homes may feature quality craftsmanship and charming characteristics, the wiring likely hasn’t been maintained to contemporary standards.

EMF Power helps Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners bring their electrical systems up to code. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help with even the most urgent matters. We can identify and rectify problems quickly to get your project or sale back on track.

Lighting Repairs

Improving one’s home is a never-ending process. While it may be fun to finish a basement or add on a bedroom, one of the most cost-effective improvements a homeowner can make is to upgrade the home’s lighting and electrical system.

Many homes – especially older ones – run on inefficient systems that burn unnecessary energy. A new, upgraded system can improve efficiency and reduce utility costs. By transitioning from old wiring, fixtures and incandescent bulbs to improved wiring and fixtures and CFL or LED bulbs, a homeowner could start to see a return on investment immediately.

The residential electricians at EMF Power regularly consult with Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners on how to improve their home’s energy efficiency and what lighting repairs they might need. Our technicians are available 24/7 to provide guidance and answer questions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you save money on your electricity bills.

Electronic Safety Inspection

Older homes are often appealing because of their high-quality craftsmanship and unique charm. However, those homes often contain high-risk electrical threats that aren’t immediately visible. Many older Chicago-area homes were constructed long before much of today’s electrical code was in place. Additionally, past owners may have attempted their own electrical fixes over the years, adding more risk to an already hazardous situation.

Residents who own or are purchasing an older home are well-advised to have a residential electrical contractor perform an electronic safety inspection. The contractor could identify unsafe wiring, out-of-date panels and other electrical hazards and recommend solutions to increase safety, reduce fire risk, and bring the house up to code.

At EMF Power, we help Chicagoland and North Shore residents sleep sound at night with the knowledge that their home is free of faulty wiring or electrical hazards. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Data Communication Wiring

The rise of mobile computing has changed the way many Chicago residents manage their lives and it’s now changing the way many manage their homes. New advances in home appliances, lighting, and entertainment allow homeowners to control their home’s electronics with just a few taps on a tablet or cell phone.

Whether it’s turning on the security system, controlling music in another room, or programming lighting from thousands of miles away, remote communication with one’s home is now a real capability. However, many homes aren’t wired appropriately to accommodate new technology.

At EMF Power, we consult with Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners on how their electrical system can be reconfigured or upgraded to work with the latest technological innovations. Our technicians are well trained and highly experienced in working with new technology and happy to share their insight. Contact us today to learn how we can help upgrade your home.

Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is the heart of a home’s electrical system. Power enters the home through the panel and is then distributed to rooms throughout the home. If the panel malfunctions or has poor connections, the house could lose power. An old or bad panel could even lead to a fire.

In older homes, a bad panel is especially problematic because the panel’s manufacturer may no longer be in business. Changes in industry regulations have forced many manufacturers to exit the business over the years. In many cases, it may be more beneficial from both a safety and an efficiency standpoint to install a new panel.

At EMF Power, we consult with Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners on the safety and efficiency of their electrical panels. Our skilled technicians work with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Contact us today for a review of your panel.


Every good designer knows that the right lighting can make a room shine. Whether it’s dimmer-controlled recessed lighting in a living room or strategically-placed spotlights illuminating a renovated patio, the right light often makes the space. It’s important to consider the light’s placement and whether the space calls for direct or indirect light. Wattage is also an important consideration. A bright light may seem like a good idea, but a softer, lower-wattage may do the job and provide the right ambiance.

Installing new lights often calls for wiring work, which can be dangerous, complicated, and subject to code. A professional residential electrical contractor is the best resource for advice on what lighting is needed and how to safely install it.

At EMF Power, we proudly help Chicagoland and North Shore residents make their homes shine. Our skilled electricians are available 24/7 to help you with all of your lighting needs.

Additional Circuits

Home improvement is a way of life for many Chicago residents. Adding a new room, renovating an outdoor space, or even installing a pool or hot tub can add significant value to a home. Those additions and improvements often come with new appliances and electrical demands. That can be an issue in many homes because an older electrical panel may not be able to accommodate additional circuits.

Trouble Shooting

An electrical problem isn’t easy to fix. When a home loses power it could be due to a weather or traffic problem or it may be easily resolved by flipping the circuit breaker. Beyond those causes, however, electrical issues can be complex and potentially dangerous. Homeowners are best advised to call in a residential electrical contractor who can safely diagnose and repair the problem through trouble shooting.

At EMF Power, we are available 24/7 to help Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners restore their home’s power.  Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians work with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Contact us today!

Circuit Overloads

Circuit overloads aren’t uncommon, especially in older homes. A circuit is overloaded when more amps are sent through a circuit than it can handle. This can often happen when too many electrical items are plugged into a small number of outlets.

Overloads can sometimes be easily fixed by unplugging a device or flipping the breaker. However, the overload could be a sign of faulty wiring or other issues with the circuit.

At EMF Power, we diagnose and repair electrical issues for Chicagoland and North Shore residents. Our skilled electricians are available 24/7 to serve you with professionalism and integrity.

Outlets / Switches Repairs

There are few things more frustrating than an outlet or switch that stops working. The easiest solution may be to flip the breaker or press the GFI reset button if the switch or outlet has one. Beyond those solutions, it’s probably best for a residential electrical contractor to examine the issue. The problem could be caused by bad wiring, a malfunctioning panel, or any number of other complex and dangerous problems.

EMF Power helps Chicagoland and North Shore residents keep their outlets and switches working properly. Contact us today for 24/7 service with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Power Outages

A power outage is often caused by weather or a damaged power line. However, it’s sometimes caused by a serious problem within a home’s electrical system. The cause may lie in a bad electrical panel or faulty wiring. If an outage is specific to a home and not part of a regional issue, it’s wise to call a residential electrical contractor. The contractor can inspect the system, determine the problem, and safely fix the issue.

EMF Power proudly helps Chicagoland and North Shore residents keep their power running. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to respond to any power emergency.

Backup Generators

A power outage used to be something that most people simply waited out. Today, the world is so dependent on connectivity that a power outage can be devastating, especially to those who work from their homes. A power outage can also shut down appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators, which could be especially dangerous during a hot Chicago summer. One solution to protect one’s home from a prolonged power outage is a back-up generator.

Back-up generators are effective emergency power sources. They come in a wide variety of types and sizes. Determining which generator is right for you depends on which functions are most important to you during an outage.

At EMF Power, we install and service back-up generators for Chicagoland and North Shore homes. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians can help a homeowner determine which type of generator is best suited for their needs.

Green Technology

One doesn’t usually think of green technology when thinking about industrial facilities. However, driven by a desire for reduced electrical costs and concerns about the environment, more and more industrial businesses are turning to green technological upgrades for their electrical systems.

Solar panels are one tool many businesses use to generate inexpensive supplemental power. Solar panels used to be costly and bulky, but can now be discreetly installed into any building. LED lighting can also cut down on energy usage and electrical costs. An electrical contractor could retrofit lights to become more energy efficient. Even wind energy can now be harvested by an industrial facility using a variety of efficient wind energy devices.

At EMF Power, we help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses protect the environment and reduce electricity costs by recommending and installing green technology. Contact us today to learn how green technology could benefit your business.


A home inspection can make or break any property sale or improvement. If anything isn’t up to code, the entire process can grind to a halt. Electrical problems are often a cause of inspection problems, especially among older homes. Many homes were built before modern electrical codes applied and don’t meet today’s regulations. In other homes, previous owners may have made repairs themselves with substandard methods, bringing the system below code.

An electrical issue can be especially problematic at the inspection stage if the project is under a time crunch. If a residential electrical contractor can’t bring the system up to code in a timely manner, the project or sale could be delayed or cancelled.

At EMF Power, we’re accustomed to working under a tight deadline. Our electricians are available 24/7 to help Chicagoland and North Shore residents get their home’s system up to code as quickly as possible.


Remodeling one’s home can add significant value, but it can also bring serious headaches. Many of the most difficult aspects of a home remodel happen behind the walls in a home’s electrical system. Placing lights, switches and outlets in an addition or reconfigured room requires specific electrical knowledge and expertise. If the job is done incorrectly, it could lead to a system that malfunctions, is below code, or is potentially dangerous.

EMF Power helps Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners complete their remodeling projects on time and make sure that they are up to code. Our electricians are available 24/7 to provide professional and honest service.

Residential Installation & New Construction

As a family-owned and operated electrical contractor, EMF treats your home with the attention and care it deserves. Geared to handle everything from small to large-scale residential electrical installations or retrofits, our team of certified electricians prides itself on quality and attention to detail. We manage each project from concept to completion, in-house, guaranteeing your satisfaction and safety during each step of the process.

Smart Illinois homeowners are investing more time and money into their homes to make sure their living space will be safe and comfortable both now and in the future. Although homeowners can keep their electrical systems working properly throughout the year, when it comes time for system upgrades or new installations, we recommend calling in a professional electrician for all of your electrical services and repairs.

To ensure that you get the most convenient electrical service available, we use your time and resources wisely. We guarantee that the right electricians are sent to work on your property by first dispatching an electrical contractor, who assesses the project on-site. After the assessment, we send the appropriately skilled electricians to complete the job. We know that your time is important; therefore, depending on the job, we will send more than one technician to your home. This practice allows us to provide the most efficient and convenient solutions for our customers.

Residential Installation

When it comes to your home’s wiring and electric, safety is paramount, so there is no room for error. Trust your family’s safety and the effectiveness of your electrical project to our power experts. Our residential installation and new construction services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • New Construction
    From home additions to new home construction, our electricians are experts in the design and installation of entire electrical systems for the interior and exterior of your residential property. Our team of electrical contractors and electricians know which lighting and electrical systems will work in your new space. More importantly, we know the Illinois codes that need to be followed and the permits that must be secured in order for your new space to be completed.
  • Indoor Wiring Installation & Upgrades
    Ensuring your safety while improving your home’s electrical infrastructure, our electricians install switches, outlets, under-cabinet lighting and electrical systems for entertainment centers in new or existing homes. Our skilled electricians and technicians are trained to work with any indoor wiring system. Knob and tube wiring was a popular wiring system in Illinois’s older homes that were built from 1880 to the 1940’s. Knob and tube wiring systems are no longer repaired, but are instead replaced with a new wiring system in order to provide increased safety and efficiency of the electric throughout your home.
  • Outdoor Lighting & Wiring Installation
    Our team of electrical experts has the knowledge and expertise to install a variety of decorative outdoor accent lighting and home security lighting to improve the aesthetics and safety of your home’s exterior. Our technicians install deck and patio lighting, outdoor outlets and receptacles so that you and your guests won’t be left in the dark.
  • Power Upgrades
    If your home is older or your circuit breakers are continually tripping, our electrical specialists will design and install a robust electrical system that includes new circuit breaker panels and overload correction. When the circuit breakers trip often, it simply means that you are attempting to use more energy than is allowed for that specific circuit. A power upgrade may be necessary if you find that the circuit breakers in your home are tripping often. Upgrading your power system will allow you to enjoy more energy usage in your home.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting Upgrades
    Switching from the use of incandescent lighting to LED lighting is an easy way to save energy and improve the lighting in your home. LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology that uses 75% less energy, and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.
  • Additional Electrical Outlets
    Increasing the number of outlets in your home is another way to upgrade your home’s power, and make your home more convenient for your family. Many times, older homes only have 1-2 outlets in each room, reducing your ability to effectively arrange furniture, lighting or electronics to your lifestyle. Our electric technicians can install additional outlets throughout your home to meet your electrical needs.
  • Appliance Installation
    From ceiling and attic fans to recessed lighting or backup generators, our team stands ready to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and safety. Our highly qualified electricians can install any interior appliance, no matter how large or small the job. We do, however, remind our customers to first check their warranties to ensure that our electric specialists can work on the appliances before calling EMF Electric to install, repair, or service the appliances in your home. The manufacturer or the store that the appliance was purchased from may void the warranty if an outside electric company performs any type of electrical repair or service to the appliance. Customers can check that the appliance warranty will not be voided by calling a manufacturer representative or by checking the manual that came with the appliance.

Choose EMF Electric For Your Residential Installation Needs

EMF Electric’s certified technicians complete your project on time, on budget—and to your total satisfaction. We pride ourselves on innovation, craftsmanship and safety, and we’re versed in the repair and maintenance of simple or complex power systems. No matter your service requirements, entrust your residential safety and comfort to EMF Electric’s team of power experts.

For more information about our extensive residential electrical service options for homeowners in Illinois, contact out team of electrical contractors and electricians. We know life can get busy from time to time, so we’ve developed a quick online service estimate request form – you can request a service call or request an estimate right now, from your computer or mobile phone! It is our pleasure to provide you with convenient, high-quality and affordable electrical solutions for your home.