As a veteran company in our field, EMF has the resources and experience to handle virtually any industrial electrical problem.

Primary Voltage

A transformer is often used when a facility uses large amounts of electricity on a regular basis. Electricity comes into the transformer as primary voltage. It is then broken down into smaller voltages and distributed out of the transformer and into various parts of the facility as secondary voltage.

Frequent power outages may be an indication that there is an issue with the transformer, possibly in how it is distributing or receiving the primary voltage. Transformers are complicated and can be dangerous. Any inspection of or work on a transformer should be performed by an experienced electrical contractor.

At EMF Power we help businesses keep the lights on so they can get the job done. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to address your transformer concerns and issues. Contact us today to learn how we can service, upgrade, or install a transformer at your facility.

Power & Lighting Utility Services

A power outage is the last thing many businesses need when they’re working to meet a deadline, satisfy a customer, or keep up with competitors. Power outages can be especially devastating in an industrial facility where operations may be automated and dependent on electrical equipment.

Often, a power outage is the result of weather or an accident. However, if the outage is isolated to a specific building or facility, that’s likely a sign that there’s an issue with the building’s power utility services. A qualified electrical contractor could examine the issue, recommend a course of action, and work with local power utility services to get it resolved.

At EMF Power, we proudly help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses keep the lights on by communicating on their behalf with the local power utility service. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians are available 24/7. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Thermal Imaging

Many facilities use three phase power to provide constant power to their machinery and automated systems. As businesses grow and facilities expand, new machinery is often added to the mix. In many cases, that equipment isn’t balanced at the main service point. This can lead to one phase drawing more power than the other two phases, which can then lead to electrical and power supply issues.

An electrical contractor could use thermal imaging to determine whether there is a problem with how current is being distributed through the three phases. Once the problem is identified, the electrician could take the necessary steps to quickly resolve the issue.

At EMF Power, we use thermal imaging and load tests to help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses keep their power supply constant. We’re available 24/7 to address your power issues. Contact us today to learn how thermal imaging could help you.

3 Phase and Single Phase Distribution Services

Power is distributed throughout a facility using either single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase electrical systems. Single-phase is often used when the power is primarily being used for heating and lighting. Three-phase is more appropriate for facilities that are running large machines for long periods of time.

A problem can arise when equipment that should run on a three-phase system are introduced to a facility with a single-phase system. The single-phase system may not be able to support the new equipment and issues with consistent power could develop. An experienced electrical contractor could examine the system and convert it to three-phase system if necessary.

At EMF Power, we know how important it is for Chicagoland and North Shore businesses to have a constant power supply. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are available 24/7 to address electrical system issues. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your electrical system.

Control Wiring

Control wiring is like the nervous system for a facility’s lighting devices. It sends messages from the system’s control panes to devices throughout the facility and then relays back confirmation to the panel that the message was received. Faulty wiring or poor wiring work could impede messages from reaching their destination. That means lighting through the facility may not work.

An experienced electrical contractor could examine a facility’s wiring to determine whether that’s the cause of any lighting issues. It could be that substandard wiring was used during the building’s construction or that previous owners used ill-advised methods to wire lighting devices.

At EMF Power, we help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses keep the lights on by repairing control wiring issues. We also install new lighting and make sure the control wiring is of the highest quality and up to code. Contact us today for more information.

Installation of Conduits

Electrical conduits help route wiring to the appropriate destination and protect it from impact, moisture, chemicals, and other hazards. If wires aren’t protected by a conduit and are subsequently damaged, a facility could experience electrical issues and possibly even a fire.

There are different types of conduits available. Choosing the right conduit depends on how the wire will be used. Some conduits are designed to protect wires from moisture and may even be submersible. Other types allow wires to be embedded into concrete. Still others are designed to protect the wires from dangerous chemical vapors.

The experienced and knowledgeable electricians at EMF Power can help you determine which type of conduit is right for you and then install the conduits to keep your wiring safe. Our technicians are available 24/7 to help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses with any electrical issue. Contact us to learn how conduits can protect your business.

Control Panels

The control panel is the electrical heart of any industrial facility. If can control and monitor everything from lighting to heating and air conditioning to machinery and automated processes. A working, high-quality control panel is critical to the functionality and productivity of a modern industrial facility.

Installation and repair of control panels is usually best left to professional electrical contractors. Control panels can be highly technical and complex. Errors in installation or repair could lead to greater electrical issues.

At EMF Power, our skilled and experienced electricians install and repair control panels for Chicagoland and North Shore businesses. We’re available 24/7 to address emergency control panel or electrical issues. Contact us today to learn how we can keep the power on so you can get the job done

Motor Controls and Installation

A motor control governs the operations of a piece of equipment’s motor. It could automatically start or stop the motor based on preset conditions or programs. It could also dictate that the motor change gears, speed, or torque. Motor controls often serve as important protection against equipment overload.

An issue with a specific piece of equipment could indicate a problem with the motor control. The control may not have shut off the equipment at the appropriate time or allowed it to be run at too high of a speed or frequency. An experienced electrical contractor could examine a motor control to determine and repair the issue.

AT EMF Power, our highly-skilled technicians are available 24/7 to help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses keep their equipment running. We know that time is of the essence in your business and we’re here to keep things running smoothly. Contact us today.

Automated Machinery

Automated machinery can help take an industrial business to the next level in terms of productivity, cost efficiency, and safety. While installing automated equipment can be costly, those costs can often be made up through gains in productivity and reduced downtime. Automated machinery also reduces workplace accidents because the human element is removed from the production process.

Automated machines have advanced at a rapid rate in recent years. Today’s automated machines come equipped with features like programmable controllers, touch screen interfaces, and variable frequency drives. Those features can also be added to your existing equipment as upgrades.

At EMF Power, we help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses improve their operations by bringing them the latest electrical and machinery innovations. Our experienced and skilled technicians can advise you on how new automated machinery can improve your production. Also how your current machinery can be upgraded to meet today’s levels of innovation.

Backup Generators

In a modern industrial facility, a power outage can take a devastating toll on output. Unnecessary downtime is a drain on resources and productivity. Often, a power outage is caused by an uncontrollable incident, like extreme weather or a nearby accident. Luckily, a business doesn’t have to simply wait for the power to come back.

Backup generator is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, especially industrial facilities that rely on automated machinery for production. They come in a wide variety of types, sizes, and output. Choosing the right generator depends on determining which functions are critical during an outage. An electrical contractor with industrial experience could help a business determine which generator is appropriate and then install the generator.

At EMF Power, we help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses stay in business through even the most severe power outages. Contact us today to learn if a generator is right for you.

Green Technology

One doesn’t usually think of green technology when thinking about industrial facilities. However, driven by a desire for reduced electrical costs and concerns about the environment, more and more industrial businesses are turning to green technological upgrades for their electrical systems.

Solar panels are one tool many businesses use to generate inexpensive supplemental power. Solar panels used to be costly and bulky, but can now be discreetly installed into any building. LED lighting can also cut down on energy usage and electrical costs. An electrical contractor could retrofit lights to become more energy efficient. Even wind energy can now be harvested by an industrial facility using a variety of efficient wind energy devices.

At EMF Power, we help Chicagoland and North Shore businesses protect the environment and reduce electricity costs by recommending and installing green technology. Contact us today to learn how green technology could benefit your business.