6 Tips to Prevent Electric Shock

More than 30,000 electric shock accidents happen each year according to the Electrical S [...]

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Buying a New Home? Why You Should Get it Inspected by EMF Power

A home inspection can make or break a property sale. If your new home isn’t up to code [...]

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How Important are Communication Skills for an Electrician?

Whether you are an apprentice, journeyman or master electrician, your job requires more [...]

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Electrical Problems? What Could They Be?

Most homes in the Chicagoland area fall under strict regulations when installing their e [...]

How to Have Perfect CCTV Installation

1)   Buy what you need. Every business has different CCTV needs. Some don’t need CCT [...]

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A+ BBB Certification Comes to EMF Power

EMF Power is now BBB certified. Although we have a history of quality service, and count [...]

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Should I Hire a Licensed Electrician for my Smaller Project?

When dealing with any electrical issue, the main concern for everyone is safety. Some pe [...]

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EMF Power Scores

Everyone is interested in saving money these days. One of the first ways you can start i [...]

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Changing Over to: LED or CFL Lightbulbs

Lighting is what has allowed our society to grow. Before standard lighting the day ended [...]

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Should I Have My Electrical Panel Replaced/Updated?

Many homeowners find themselves asking this question. But the real question is: do you w [...]

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