Should I Hire a Licensed Electrician for my Smaller Project?

When dealing with any electrical issue, the main concern for everyone is safety. Some people take it upon themselves or hire a handyman to install and repair electrical devices, which is not necessarily the safest option. Electrical work is a highly skillful trade, which is exactly why there are trade schools, certifications, and licensing that professionals must go through in order to ensure that proper safety practices are utilized.

There are many reasons why one should hire a licensed electrician, even for a smaller project. The first is diagnostics. A licensed electrician has the knowledge and experience to see the cause of deeply rooted electrical problems. As soon as someone with no qualifications begins fidgeting around your homes electrical components, they put themselves and you at risk.

Another reason to hire a licensed electrician is because of the insurance. An unlicensed handyman has nothing to be accountable for, and therefore may not prove their credibility. Protect yourself, both literally and monetarily, by hiring a licensed electrician to do things the correct and safe way the first time.

Licensed electricians also know that organization is key. A mess of wiring can lead to short circuits, electrical shock, electrical fires, and hours of labor trying to fix a problem. Here are some examples of poor wiring, which causes us at EMF Power to cringe:

bad wiring

(Very Unsightly)

bad wiring

(Downright Dangerous)

bad wiring

(Even corrosion can occur without proper maintenance)

The Electrical Safety Foundation International has statistics on the dangers of electrical work and what can happen as a result of a poor electric project. Licensed electricians are trained to avoid and mitigate these issues.

  • More than 30,000 non-fatal shock accidents occur each year.
  • Each day, nearly 7 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet.

Certainly using a licensed electrician can help avoid some of these troubling statistics.

There are examples of well-done wiring – something that we at EMF Power pride ourselves on. The images posted are all incredibly satisfying displays of proper and safe wiring:

good wiring

(So clean, So organized)

good wiring

(Zipties help enormously)

good wiring

(If one thing goes wrong, you can find the issue)

You may be asking, what does this have to do with a small project? Well, these suggestions and images are just evidence of the fact many licensed electricians develop beneficial habits. These habits are then applied to whatever size project they work on. You wouldn’t want someone without these crucial habits working on your project, would you?

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