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The opportunity to restore and glorify an old structure is a rough one, but often times it turns out to be the most satisfying of projects. Many times it is cheaper to actually demolish a building and start all over. This is usually the case in places like Las Vegas, where demolitions are as commonplace as sunshine.

In Chicagoland this is certainly not the case. Many times structures are so massive, and the cost of  rebuild, or even interest in a rebuild, is not as great as a total renovation. There are also consideration in regards to structural support in the block, connection with water and gas lines and electric. Many structures in Chicagoland were built to last, and because of this it makes renovation the sensible choice in real estate.

EMF Power has worked on renovations before, but recently they won a bid for a project located at 1855 N. Sheffield Avenue, Chicago. This building is fantastically grand. At over a century old, it towers over the neighborhood waiting for the right buyer and right renovator to restore this place into the once magnificent structure.

The structure used to be a school and will be renovated and repurposed into luxury condominiums. EMF Power has been fortunately tasked with every electrical task required, it is a behemoth of a job as every little coil and wire will need to be replaced. Combing over the building one can get a sense of the enormity of the job:

Even from the outside, EMF has a serious endeavor

From the utilities to the Elevators, EMF will be really busy.
The prep work is already underway.
20th Century Heating and Cooling will for sure be replaced.
Everything will be renovated.

For more on EMF Power, please feel free to contact them at:
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By: alex britva
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