Buying a New Home? Why You Should Get it Inspected by EMF Power

A home inspection can make or break a property sale. If your new home isn’t up to code, the entire process can grind to a halt. Electrical problems are often a cause of inspection problems, especially among older homes. Many homes were built before modern electrical codes were applied and don’t meet today’s regulations. In other homes, previous owners may have made repairs themselves with substandard methods, bringing the system below code.

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Often, new homeowners disregard the inspection process, and attempt to handle any errors themselves. Electrical hazards result in thousands of residential and commercial accidents each year. This accounts for 30,000 home fires, 200 deaths, nearly 1,000 injuries, and over $600 million in property damages. Furthermore, electrical wiring hazards account for 20% of electrocutions. These horrific incidents can be avoided just by a homeowner having a proper electrical inspection, even before buying a home.

An electrical issue can be especially problematic at the inspection stage if the project is under a time crunch. If a residential electrical contractor can’t bring the system up to code in a timely manner, the project or sale could be delayed or cancelled. This is why it is very important to not only find a professional electrician, but also one who is sensitive to the needs of the homeowner, including their deadlines.

At EMF Power, we know you want to move into your new home as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our electricians are available 24/7 to help Chicagoland and North Shore residents to inspect their new homes and get them up to code as quickly as possible. For the safety of you and your family, we hope that you will understand the value of an electrical inspection and request that we handle the process for you!

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