A+ BBB Certification Comes to EMF Power

EMF Power is now BBB certified. Although we have a history of quality service, and countless businesses, clients, and families have earned our trust we felt a BBB certification can help new individuals know that our business is in the fraternity of the certified. We were certified in the highest possible capacity at an A+ rating, which gives us, and all our clients a reason to be confident and proud.

Having this certification does a couple of great things, not just for our business, but business activity in general. One can take the role of this digital buzzword of ‘SEO’ and see how latching on to an organization like the BBB is an excellent way to improve it! When people search for electricians in their area they want only the most accountable and reliable. The BBB ensures this accountability and reliability due to its reputation for admitting only worthy candidates.

In our own business operations we think this has the capacity to tremendously improve any anxiety or anxiousness from customers. Many times, without BBB certification some companies do not experience any sense of accountability. This is because our customers now have a direct line of enabling oversight. It is not as if EMF Power had no accountability, you can ask our thousands of happy clients, this is just another layer of relief to them.

Illinois is a big state, and as such it happens to be the state with the fifth highest amount of electricians:

Electricians per state in the US

Electricians per state in the US

There are actually 22,790 across the state, with quite a lot in the Chicagoland area. All of this information came from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which means there could be a certain amount of electricians who are not listed. Due to the overwhelming amount of us out there, it is probably a good idea to seek those with not just all of the very important and relevant information, but with the tools that reassure clients and consumers alike that EMF Power is a good company to look to in the industry.

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