5 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Everyone is interested in saving money these days. One of the first ways you can start is through your electric bill, as it is one of the largest household expenditures. Our electricity usage is a great place to begin when we’re looking at how to lower those bills.Signing a Check

1) Switch to LEDs! Ditch your incandescent light bulbs for LEDs. Previously CFLs were the greener option for lighting, but now that the cost of even more-efficient LED lights have decreased, these types of bulbs may be the best option for you. For more details on LEDs, read our blog about them here:

2) Don’t use electricity when you’re not using it! Sounds pretty simple, but many people keep things plugged in for hours or even days between the times we actually use them. Household items like TVs, computers, DVD players, etc. are using electricity by being plugged in even though we are not actually using them. Simply unplug!

3) Upgrade! For the most part, new appliances and electronics are much more energy efficient. If you have something really old, like a refrigerator for instance, it will save you money in the long run to upgrade it. Who doesn’t love newer, better products?

4) Go solar! Yes, you have to pay for the solar panels, but they are cheaper (in the long run) than electricity. According to statistics, an average home that goes solar is likely to save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of their solar panel system’s lifetime. Give us a call if you need help deciding if it’s a worthwhile investment.

5) Get an inspection! The easiest way to find out how you can lower your electric bills is to have us tell you what you can do. We’ll take out the guesswork and give you ways of lowering your electric bills so that you can save money or put it elsewhere. We’re around 24/7, so give us a call!

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